Gudrun LATTEN is a publicist, art critic, curator and freelance photographer from Germany. Her work is entitled : ""Untitled # 2 / Series Dreamtravelling through my Living-room".

Artist's statement : "The Series 'Dreamtravelling through my Living-room' treats a new way of seeing the living-room in which I’ve been living for years. I have discovered various objects from Asia or with Asian appearance. I see all my things through the eyes of a child, I don’t know how to handle them correctly and I find new functions for them. Everything seems strange and foreign. The series about Asia treats an inner journey far away. It expresses a naive longing for the exotic and foreign. I used various personal belongings of my German everyday life which reminded me of the far east. I discover various new ways of seeing my everyday life. On one picture I seemingly smell the flavor of an artificial flower and I often use my umbrella because I like the form of it. Using my umbrella and a huge fan in my living-room appears to be a strange habit, a bit childish. This assignment is free of original Asian tradition. I am no Asian and do not know much about Asian tradition but I like the outer appearance of these objects. For my dreamtravels I wear pyjamas which look like an Asian kimono. I try to experience the orient in my dreams by using Asian products or habits which remind me of Asia. It is a new perspective of this foreign tradition. I free this objects from being a normal part of my everyday life."




 PARIS - 19 DÉCEMBRE 2015 / 9 JANVIER 2016 

Démarche artistique

L’exposition collective 'UN SEUL GRAIN DE RIZ' propose de nous faire redécouvrir tout l'univers à travers une sélection d’œuvres d’art de petit format.

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La Galerie Métanoïa

Située à Paris, à deux pas du centre Beaubourg, la galerie présente une sélection d'art contemporain qui se propose de réorienter notre regard vers le monde intérieur.

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