Barbara GOTHARD's path zigzagged from artist/art teacher to principal while raising a family and finishing a Ph.D., to leaving education and joining the corporate sector.

Excerpt of Artist's press release : "My paintings are an investigation of contradiction creating complex, intellectual realism. The mind sees at the same time as the eye although each may be observing two separate and unrelated images. This combination of contrasting elements reflects our fact and fantasy existence; it stirs the viewer to consider the illogical and respond to the irrational. It consists of natural recognizable objects rebuilt into contradictory elements, which may evolve from one to another. Placing recognizable forms in a serene, but sometimes aggressive relationship, attempts to create a new reality in the midst of disorder.

This separation of elements within my work defines more precisely the division of the two dimensional surface into separate parts that enhance and embellish the visual spatial effect. It is intended to jolt and challenge the viewer’s comfortable identity game and upset the viewer’s expectation of realism simultaneously generating a peaceful feeling."




PARIS - DECEMBER 19, 2015 / JANUARY 9, 2016


The exhibition 'A SINGLE GRAIN OF RICE' stands as an invitation to rediscover the entire universe through a selection of works of art of small size.

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Gallery Metanoia

Located in Paris, a few steps away from the Pompidou Center, the gallery presents a selection of artworks that proposes to shift our gaze to the inner world.

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