CHRITCH (Christine Tchaderdjian) is an Egyptian born artist based in Paris since 2015.She graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Cairo in 1984, with a degree of Honor.

Excerpt of her press release : "Her paintings celebrate the diversity of our world yet remind us the underlying commonality of human experience that binds us all. Her creative process begins by fracturing the picture plane into tiny cubist fragments allowing for multiple readings and viewpoints to come into play. Colours, shapes, and textures merge and give birth to recognizable forms situated in abstract compositions while media like oil, acrylic and collage provide a great deal of textural nuance."

CHRITCH’s miniature artworks titled "The Path" Variations I, II & III are an attempt to highlight the richness of cultural diversity and the importance of dialogue, aesthetically suggested by circles in motion, which are symbolically meant to represent, along the two figures, the notion of infinity (life, death and rebirth). The objective is to engage with the audience into an unlimited creative process, whereby spectators express their individual viewpoints in an interactive manner, thus giving birth to dialogue.



PARIS - DECEMBER 19, 2015 / JANUARY 9, 2016


The exhibition 'A SINGLE GRAIN OF RICE' stands as an invitation to rediscover the entire universe through a selection of works of art of small size.

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